Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're home....

Seems like forever since I've posted. Of course I was without a computer!! And of course Paul didn't stand behind what he said he would do. He never did send the mother board. So I just had to shut down the puter and wait till I got home to post any more.

We left Rockport a day early to avoid the rain and pulled into Grand Prarie on Thursday evening. We spent 10 days at Loyd Park in Grand Prarie to visit with Deb, Jim and Jessi. Our campground was about 8 miles from their house and easy to get to. I'm starting to get around a bit better each time we go to DFW area and getting more familiar with the major roads.

We all went to see "The Bucket List" and ate popcorn and drank pop and loved the show.
During our whole stay we ate lots of good food (and some soup that was not so good) heehee.
One day for lunch Deb took us to the Cheesecake Factory. OMGosh!! Delicious!!
Don helped Deb put edging around her flower bed and lay in lava rock. I supervised. :) It looks nice. Jim drove us around to see some of the sites and we went to a small up-town grocery store. Not like our grocery stores around here. More like a bread-dessert bakery-deli -cheese and meat counter that sells wine and unusual condiments. Yum Yum Yum.

We started home on Sunday and stopped overnight at Newton. It feels so good to be home!! We've spent the last two days getting the camper emptied and things put away. Poor Don!! He has to do all the carrying since I can't do that much because of my knee.
So I'd better get back to organizing things again.
I'm off.

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