Friday, March 21, 2008

Schoenstatt Shrine.

I thought I'd tell you about the Shrine we went to while we were gone.
Across the bridge from Rockport is the tiny town of Lamar. This is the place that has the huge tree that I told you about in an earlier post.
And... there is a 100 year old Catholic church and this Schoenstatt Shrine. (Schoenstatt translated from the German language means: beautiful place.) And it's setting is just that.
From the outside it looks like just a small little building. But the inside has this ornate wood carved altar and there are only about three pews on each side so it is very small. Just right for a quiet peaceful meditation.
This is where the Sisters come each day for their devotions. And if you notice (in the top pic) the door is open. They were there praying. They began to come in to pray just as we were leaving the building.
We walked to one of the quiet spots they have along a path. This is just one of the small areas they have scattered along the path.
This was just one of those small days that we had and quietly enjoyable. Just wanted to share with you.

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