Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm still hanging on here.....'s been almost a week since my last post. Sorry about that. After we went to the Refuge the next few days were very very uneventful so I really didn't have anything to tell you. We just stayed around the camper and I stayed off my leg. I had one day that almost had me wanting to just give up and go home so I could get to my Dr.
But the next day the knee felt a little better and I could walk better so..... we're still here. Yeah!!

I do want to tell you about the day we drove down to Aransas Pass and took the ferry over to the island again. That ferry is a blast! heehee
We had been told that was the best place to go see lots of dolphins.....and yep ..... we did. Found a parking place along the channel and sat and watched the barges and boats come and go and saw several dolphins. Of course they were all over by the other side! None of them were on our side so they were really too far away to get any pictures.
An old gentleman came along and started talking to us. Such a small world we live in. He's from Lawrence.!! And his wife's sister's husband has relatives from P-burg. He couldn't remember their names tho. hahaha
Anyway....he told us about a better place to go to see even more dolphins. It's called the City Park. Basically a road that runs along the channel with parking spots and grass and benches and a walk-out pier.
The old man was right. They were all over in that channel. I took lots of pics.... and had to delete a whole bunch because I missed the shot. haha Here are just a few of the ones I did get.

The second pic was in a little cove that people park their boats and there were at least three of the dolphins that swam in there and stayed a bit. They were probably only about 30 yards away from shore. What a blast!!
Do you see the birds on the rocks? I didn't even know they were there until I saw the pic. heehee I was so engrossed with the dolphins.
We stayed there the rest of the afternoon and watched a lot of boats come in. Then there was this BIG ship that came in called the Texas Treasure. It's a gambling ship. Can you believe it? People actually pay lots of money to go out in the ocean on that ship so they can stay below and *gamble*!! Criminy!!
See the tug boat? It was there to shove the ship closer to shore to connect to the pier. Very very interesting watching it inch it's way to shore.
On another subject......
I hope I can limp along with this puter for the next several days. I've never really thought it was quite right ever since I got it. And two days ago it locked up and I had a terrible time with it.
Well to make a long story shorter....I did manage to finally get to talk to Paul and he is sending me down a new mother board and will walk me through installing it. So until then I'll be babying this thing along.
So if I don't post it will probably be because I can't.
from cloudy and slightly cool Rockport.
Have a great day!!

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