Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Bird story. heehee

Good morning everyone. Yesterday Don wanted to get a haircut so I checked out a couple of stores close to the barber shop. Lots of candles, lotions, knick-knacks, wall things etc. The last store I went in had a real nice display of Jim Shore figurines. OMGosh they are sooooo nice. I finally decided on 'just one'. This is what I bought. I may go back for more! :)

Then we went to the bay wall again and not many fishing. It was pretty windy and the tide was out. But we took some bread and started throwing out the window for the gulls. I would throw and they would swoop in to grab the bread before it fell to the ground.
Then I took a piece and just held it up .... swoop & bam... took it right out of my fingers.
What a riot!! Should have heard the squeals. Me and the birds. hahaha
I asked Don to go out and stand in front of the truck so I could get pics. It took several to get the ones I wanted but you can see the action.

When we started home I saw some of the fishing boats coming in so we drove down to the docks. We found where they pull up to unload their catch of the day. These looked like oyster fishermen and they had big burlap bags filled. They would unload the heavy bags onto a pallet and would apparently get paid per bag. We sat and watched at least 6 boats. As one would leave another would back in to unload. Fasinating!
Oh....and then we found an authentic Mexican resteraunt. Yumm!!

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