Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb 5, 2008

Good morning from cloudy, windy, chilly again Rockport. But that's ok. We have had nice warm weather for several days and it really isn't cold like it had beeen. We have to stay home today anyway and wait for a guy to come and fix our water heater. The gas went out on it but at least we still have the electic heater coil. So we aren't completely without hot water. We called some guy and he'll come to the site to fix it so we don't have to pull out and take it somewhere. That's good!!

Yesterday I did get to a Dr and he give me a brace. Also suggested a walker. I had to go to Aransas to get the brace and I did look at the walkers but after putting on the brace it felt so much better and controlled that I just got a cane for now. I told Doc that I had Don as my walker. haha
So at least for now I feel like I can get around and be able to still go and do a bit. When I get home I'll go to my Dr and have the exrays and/or MRI to find out what exactly is going on in there.

Last night we went next door to our neighbors for hamburgers. They are from Ok .... North of Tulsa and really nice people. He plays guitar several different days at different jams in the area and I guess she stays busy reading and visiting with people.
I think I may do a little sewing today.
Have a good one all.

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