Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm making my first mug rug.  Can you believe it?  My first!  I know, I know.... but I usually don't do little things.
Table toppers or place-mats have been the smallest things I've made.
But when Carol Doak gave us a bonus project to paper-piece I decided it would be perfect for Oct and my coffee.  The center is only a 3" x 3".  By adding the border I now have the perfect size for my coffee mug.
Isn't this cat in a pumpkin just the cutest thing?    

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  1. He's adorable! And I LOVE the fabric you chose for him - very "tabby" looking - ;))

  2. He is really cute!! I've never yet made a mug rug. I tend to make BIG!! bigger even than table runners or placemats.I've made maybe 1 table runner. For some reason, I always go twin size, or bigger.

  3. I love this pattern, I have on my list to create too! Same thoughts, I was going to make it into a mug rug for Halloween!

  4. I love the look of this pattern! I have been trying to finish off a quilt and searching at the same time for my next one. This would fit the bill for something to make in the between time.


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