Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And so it begins.....
Today is Wednesday and today we (Kitty & I) start our engines.

Today is the day we pull our Christmas fabrics.  
I found several Fat Quarters and a pile of fabric yardage. 
 I must admit that I thought I had more than I have.  (See I told you I wouldn't remember).
Last year I worked up three snuggle quilts and used pretty much all of the older Christmas fabrics and then turned right around and ordered these new pieces.  
I also found a cute little Redwork bear that I made a few years ago.   I think this will be my first project.
Hummmm what to do with it.... 

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  1. super cute redwork - love the fabric you have it paired with - anxious to see what you'll make with them.

  2. alefthanded quilter told me you two were going to do this Christmas project deal! Looks like you both have a lot to work with.

    I love that little bear you have worked up! Was it a kit or could you share the pattern source? I do a lot of embroidery myself but am up to my eyeballs in sampler blocks or I would join you two.

  3. Aw, man! - Is that all you got?!?! - Haha - just kidding!! I think that we may have some of the same yardage! And I really like your little Redwork Bear - I'd start with him, too - and maybe make him some friends - ;))


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