Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soooo here it is.... the beginning of September.
Are you SURE it's half over already?  Sheesh!!


Ok Truth!  I already knew that because my friend and I had been talking and "should'ing" all over ourselves.
I should do this.  She should do that.
We both should be getting serious about working on some Christmas stuff before it gets to be the week before and we're both frantic.
Well....me frantic anyway.   I don't think she's the frantic type.
    Well she may be....we're so much alike in thought.... but still.... (come to think of it, I don't get to frantic either).

Ok back to the subject.  We both decided that we really should get some of our Christmas fabric pulled out and get to sewing it up.  You know, before it turns so old that it turns into vintage fabric.  I don't need any more of that!!  I have plenty..... OLD fabric that is.... not vintage.

So tomorrow will kick off our Race to Christmas!!  We'll be pulling all our Christmas fabric that's hiding in drawers and bins and showing it off (because we probably can't remember what we have) and then..... 
We'll quickly decide on our first pattern and start wielding our rotary's. 
Did you catch that "quickly" word?  hahaha  Yeah Like that's really going to happen! 
Stay tuned tomorrow to see how we do. 
Oh and by the way.... You want to join us? 
             RACE YOU!!

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  1. Haha - my friend - I'm still tidying up - and trying to remember all of the places I put my Christmas stuff. Now I gotta decide on a pattern too?? - Oh, crap!! - ;))


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