Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grandmothers Choice

This weeks block is called:   Kansas Sunflower.
Even if you aren't making these blocks I really recommend going to Barbara's blog and read about the history of the Suffragettes.  

This one was hard.
I definitely muddled my way through it.... but it is not my best work at all.  I may try it again now that I've kinda figured out what I was doing.
Or then again.... I may just call it good. 

Those little white star points are small.  Very small.
And once again.... Y seams!!   And throw in a bit of applique' and this block has it all.  

At least now that I have it together I think I can do a Y seam without looking at the directions.
Perhaps!!  ;o) 
One thing I have definitely learned... if there are any more blocks like this I may be looking for a substitute block to make.  hahaha 
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  1. Oh pretty block - but I don't think I'd want to make an entire quilt with them :-) I might want to try this (once) just for the challenge!

  2. I think that your block looks GREAT!! And your Y-seams look GREAT, too!! My "other" Linda did a post on Y-seams not too long ago - with a link to a tutorial video by Kaye Wood - check it out - ;))



  3. OOOOH that turned out to be pretty block! Not that I think I would be a glutton for punishment and try it at 6 inch finished for my Farmer's Wife Sampler or anything.

    I bet there are other blocks with Kansas in the title---hopefully easier! But you got passed it.


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