Monday, September 10, 2012

 Last week Bonnie Hunter tossed out a challenge to use just a needle and thread (no machine) and sew for an hour a day.   She thought we could post about where we sew and keep track of our time and show how much we get accomplished each week. 
Well that's exactly what I needed.  So this week I got back to my chair and pulled out my Black-work Baskets. 
I started these baskets way back in 2008 and worked on them off and on for a couple of years.  Then for some reason I just set them aside.  With this challenge I figured these would be a great project to work on. 
 This is my recliner with my snuggle quilt and my favorite little pillow and the floor lamp that I couldn't do without.  I have a large basket that sits on the floor right behind the light and I keep some of my yarns and needles in there.   I sure don't have any shortage of things to keep my hands busy.  I love to crochet' and I've made several scarves and dishclothes.  Nothing fancy by any means.

Here I am all set up to embroidery.  Must have my ice water and Chap Stick! 
And my little mug rug.  I just love that little thing.  I'm thinking I may have to make a few more.  
See that green thing?  This is what it looks like inside.   I really don't like threading the needles one at a time..... so I do several to be ready.  It's just a simple piece of fabric and batting.  The batting grabs the thread and keeps them from unraveling all over the place. 

I know Bonnie and others are using a calendar to keep track of their time ..... but I really don't want to have something that big so I did find this little tablet from one of my favorite quilt shops and decided this would be perfect. 

So this is where I started this week and after 6½ hours this is how far along I got. 

I'm going to try to put in a little more time this week.  I know I can get this block finished and get another one started. 

Now I'm heading over to Bonnie's Quiltville (One Hour of Needle & Thread) to link up.  Grab your cup and follow me.  Let's go see what others have done this week. 
 Have a great week and.....
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. Have always loved those blocks. Good progress.

  2. Great Idea for storing threaded needles, I just thread a few and stick them in the arm of the chair not a GREAT IDEA! I am going to find a batting scrap right now.

  3. Beautiful stitchery - can't wait to see the rest of your basket blocks!

  4. I have never seen blackwork baskets before, but they are truly stunning! You have gotten a lot done for 6+ hours work. My hand sewing is slow.

    Thanks for sharing your block on Bonnie's linky. That is how I found your cute blog!

    1. Thanks for the nice comments Jan and I'm glad you stopped by. I had to chuckle when you said I got a lot done because I feel like I'm the slowest sewer ever. By hand or by machine. haha

  5. I love your blackwork baskets - is that a Crabapple Hill design? The 'green thing' is great, I've heard the advice before about threading needles in advance but this is a great way to manage it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. No it's not a Crabapple Hill pattern. It's called Bushel of Baskets from Quilt Country. I checked and they aren't carrying it any more but I did find a different link here. haha And the price has only raised $1.00 from what I paid for it several years ago. I wish gas prices were like this.
      Thanks Carole and You're very welcome. I love being an inspiration. lol


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