Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday...& One hour of Needle & Thread

I haven't done much work on this 'Walk About The Daisies' this last week so it's still up on my design wall.  All the rows are finished .... they just need to be sewn together.
My wall isn't big enough to hold all of the rows so I have the last three rows just laying on the shelf above my table.
Can you see them hanging down on the right?
 I'll try to get these sewn together this week so I can figure out the borders.  I think I know what I want to do.  Now it's just getting it done.
I have Christmas projects to get started!!  hahaha

I thought I'd show my progress on my Blackwork Basket so far.
This is my last block to embroidery before I can start setting them all into a top.
I didn't put in as many hours with needle and thread this week as I have the last couple of weeks... but it is coming along nicely.

I'll have it finished this week.  I've also played a bit in EQ7 and I'm pretty sure I have settled on the layout and color that I want.  I'll keep pondering for a bit though just to be sure. 

So since it's Monday I'm going to grab my cuppa and head over to link up on Judy's Design Wall.  And while I'm at it I'll link to Bonnie's  One Hour Of Needle & Thread
Let's go see what a few quilters ham been up to.      
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  1. I love this! It's such a sophisticated look for such a simple block. Definitely (stealing) noting down for future reference!

  2. Good for you Linda progress indeed.
    What will your embroidered quilt look like? Do you have an idea for the quilt or are you designing as you go?
    Nancy in sunny SC

  3. I agree - you need to get your "Walk About" off the wall so you can put something Christmasey up - ;)) And I love your "blackwork" - so much more sophisticated looking than "redwork" for some reason - it should make a beautiful top - ;))


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