Sunday, September 23, 2012

Redwork Bear

I started out with quite an elaborate plan to border this little Redwork bear.  I went to EQ7 and played until I liked what I had designed .....that was fun.
I then printed the paper-piecing papers and as soon as they started coming out of the printer.... UH OH!!
I quickly realized that didn't look like much fun.   They were very small and looked very tedious to do.
Now don't get me wrong.... I don't mind tedious (sometimes) but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to spend as much time on this as it would need to have.
So I went the other way.  
Simple!   Fast
  #1 on my 'Christmas Hope' List.  done
9" x 11"
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. He is so SWEET!! And I like the borders you did. They let the embroidered bear be the star of the show.

  2. Congratulations!! One down!! You're ahead of me - I'm still working on my first one And I agree with Cathy - he's PERFECT!! ;))

  3. super cute - did you add a hanging sleeve so you can hang the little darling to greet people at the door? I think that's how I'd want to display this.... just my thoughts ;-)

  4. That would have been my decision, too. And oh so cute.


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