Monday, September 17, 2012

Design Wall Monday....

 My Design Wall is kinda full....(that just shows that I haven't been sewing much this week) .... and I wanted to show the third block in Grandmothers Choice series that I finished yesterday. 
So I decided to pull off one of the rows of Walk About and then I slapped up the three blocks of Grandmothers Choice.

This one is named: Union Square
These are so fun to make.  It takes me longer to choose the fabric than sew the block it seems.   I'm loving these so far.  Here's a link to Barbara's blog telling about the history of the women's fight for the right to vote.  I really don't know which I'm enjoying more.... making the block or reading the history. 

Now I think I'll grab my cuppa and head over to Judy's Design Wall and see what other quilters have been up to.

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