Sunday, September 16, 2012

Slow Stitching Sunday...

Today Kathy is talking about Hoops (Kathy's Quilts: Slow Stitching Sunday) So I figured I would link to her post and show the hoop I use for my embroidery.
I love this hoop!  It's a spring hoop and so easy to move around.  I just grip the two 'handles' and quickly move the solid hoop (on the back) just where I want it.  It's also easy to rotate those handles around to get them out of my threads way.
 When I first started doing much embroidery I used the hoop that tightens with a screw thingy simply because that's all I knew about.  And if that's what grandma used then it was good enough for me.
Well.... not so much!!
I really really disliked having to unscrew that hoop to move it and then trying to decide where to center my fabric to get the most stitching in before I would have to move it again.
And then I found this one!!  I don't know what the name is or where I even bought it.  But I do know that I would never want to be without it.  It's just so easy to adjust the fabric just a little or a whole lot.
So with that I do think I'll spend a bit of my lazy afternoon with my hoop and fabric.
Have a great Sunday.

Just a quick edit.  After posting that I didn't know the name of this hoop I did a google search and found this.   

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  1. I have never seen such a hoop! I will have to look for one and try it out!
    Beautiful stitches!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. For many years I taught needlecrafts for a large manufacturer. To make hoops easier to use:
    Right handed stitchers: put the hook on the work so it is between 10 and 12 if the hoop were the face of a clock.
    Left handed stitchers: put the hook between the 12 and 2.

    That way the threads won't get caught around the hook and slow down stitching.

    All this blogland stitching is encouraging me to get out some of the stitching I've laid aside over the last few years.

  3. Hey guys - I LOVE those hoops! You can get them at Nancy's Notions - here - ;))

  4. Love you embroidery! I use a hoop like that when I embroider, and just love it, like you said no screwing and unscrewing!

  5. I use a spring hoop for embroidery as well. When I used to do embroidery that is. Enjoy your handwork.


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