Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never mind that bump!
That's just the double doors on the closet that I use for my design wall.  I have batting stuck to the doors.
It does make it a bit tricky sometimes trying to lay out pieces and bits as I design each top.   But it's sure better than carrying those pieces and bits to an open floor to lay them out.

Oh wait!!
This isn't about my doors..... it's about the "Yellow" challenge in January.
Soooo (even tho I've already posted this) here is a different picture of my Yellow finished top.  I'm in the process of quilting it now but I wanted to go ahead and get this posted to Judy's Monochromatic Challenge post.

Oh....and about the quilting I was going to do with a walking foot.  
Ummmm Not using it!
OMGosh I don't know what it is about this quilt!      
Thanks for stopping by.... Now I've got to go quilt some more on this thing before I change my mind!


  1. I really like this!! It is so bright and cheerful. Makes me forget about all that snow outside!! I can't wait to see what you do with Violet! take Care

  2. Very pretty! Now what are you going to do with violent?? :-)


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