Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!   I have the most delicious cake in my kitchen from my dear hubby.  It could very well be my death by chocolate.  OMGosh it is GOOD!!
I had a nice experience today.  I decided to go to our local Shepherd's Mill and see what I could find to make some scarves.  (OK Deb you can stop begging now) haha  
I hadn't been to their shop since they moved to the new location and Oh My... they have some beautiful yarns.  I really had to talk to myself to keep from buying everything I saw.  I finally settled on these three for now.  They're bamboo and are just awesome done up in a scarf.  They had two finished to show and that sold me!  I've decided I can't make socks...but I sure can make scarves.

Yesterday I did manage to get some of my fabrics cut for the Feb "Violet" Challenge over at Judy L's.  Here are the fabrics I managed to pull from my stash.   I now have them cut down to 2.5 x 6" bricks.  Tomorrow I'll get some of the sewing done.  That is if I can stay away from the yarns.  lol

Well since it's still officially Monday I'm going to head on over the Patchwork Times and post this on her Design Wall Monday.   Go check it out to see what others are doing.
I'm going to go get me a nice piece of cake.  yummmm!!!  

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  1. What no picture of the cake?? Is it all gone already? LOL

    The yarns are so yummy looking and the fabrics are so pretty!! What pattern are you going to make for the violet quilt?


  2. Gorgeous yarn, Linda! I haven't tried bamboo yet. I've been wanting a trip to the yarn shop but I promised myself that I would knit up some of my stash first. As of right now, I'm three inches away from overcoming second sock syndrome. Yay!

  3. Very pretty yarn! I'd like to hear how you like the bamboom yarn. I succombed to the urge to buy yarn the other day also. I will make a scarf and work on it when we're traveling.


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