Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our son-in-laws' stepdad was buried on his 90th birthday Tuesday.  And it just so happened that a winter storm blew in the morning of the funeral and it was bitter cold and snowing and had already dumped around 4 to 5 inches.  After the funeral the kids waited a day for the storm to pass and left Thursday morning and thankfully, didn't run into any problems getting back home.

So .... yesterday I spent a few hours finishing the quilting on my yellow topper.  It has the binding sewn on and I'm stitching it down slowly as I watch tv.
I did have to mark the straight lines on the geese so there is still a little of the blue marker showing in the picture.  That is now gone.
And.....I think I've settled on a name.... From now on it will be my 'Flying Sunshine'.  Much better than a knockoff submarine song don't you think?

Oh and look what the mailman had for me today.....
I've got a lot of cutting to do.

For now I'm off to get started on my February  "Violet" quilt from Judy's Monochromatic Challenge.
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  1. You didn't like the knock-off submarine song? How about this one, then: You are my sunshine, my flying sunshine, you make me happy...

    Come on...sing it with me, girl!

    P.S. I do LOVE this quilt!

  2. OMGosh!!! Dee you make me laugh out loud. So now every time I see this quilt I'll be singing in my head! TWO songs now!! LOL

  3. I want those two books, too, you lucky girl! Your quilt looks great. I like the name Flying Sunshine. (For some reason, I started singing the song Walking on Sunshine. I like that name, too!) Well done!

  4. Good Grief, now I'm going to be singing 3 songs all day today ROFL. I wonder what you will be making first from those books?



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