Monday, February 21, 2011

Here it is...a good Sunshiny morning and Design Wall Monday again.  Goodness the weeks just fly by it seems.
I've been slowly piecing my 'Violet' quilt this week and designing it as I go along.

I'm loving this Monochromatic Challenge that Judy has each month.  Not only does it stretch me to work with colors that I would probably never use....but it also has given me the confidence to twist something simple around and design my own layout.
 So far both of the quilts I've chosen have been tweaked enough by me to call them "Mine"!
I may have started with someones basic block (or EQ) but by the time I think and re-think and change my mind about the ends up being completely me.
And I must be doing something right.  Don walked into the room yesterday and saw this on the wall and said "That's really pretty"!  lol  Of course he probably just likes the colors and wasn't really commenting on the talent it took to put it together.  hahaha
Stay tuned....there's still more to come with this design.

AND....I just have to show you the scarf and how far along I've gotten.   I probably have about six more inches left to do with this ball then I'll add the second one to finish.  Such a super easy pattern I found here but works up to look very nice I think.   This bamboo yarn is very unusual.  It's slippery and flat so it takes a bit more concentration to make sure the stitches stay on the hook the way they're supposed to.  Regular yarns will kinda 'grab' themselves when making a stitch...but this slick stuff doesn't.  Click that bottom picture to bring it in close so you can really see what I'm talking about.   It feels awesome to the touch and it's rather heavy!   That's surprising me.  

And if you want to see what other quilters are up to head on over to Judy's Patchwork Times and spend good quality time just browsing blogs.  Great talent out there!!  

Have a great day!!
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  1. Oh WOW I love your violet quilt!! This is going to be a beauty. Intersting about the bamboo yarn, I think I will stick with the normal stuff, I drop enough stitches LOL.



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