Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OMGosh Chrispy....what was I thinking.  I must have had a foggy chocolate brain freeze  lol  

This little cake is only about 6" across and it is soooo rich I can only eat a small piece at a time.  I've had two pieces from it so far.

This is what is left of the pretty red rose and two chocolate lace leaves.  Sweet Chocolate!!!   Now this frosting is NOT seme-sweet anything.....it is Real Sweet Fudgy Sugary Chocolate!!

Now if this doesn't make your mouth water and your chocolate craving kick in....I don't know what will!  Ahhhhh  
Yes it really is that good

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  1. Thank you for posting the cake LOL. I'm so happy I don't bake or there would be a cake in the oven right now :0)


  2. Oh, that looks wonderful! Has Don gotten any of it? :-)


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