Saturday, February 26, 2011

My new toy(s) arrived yesterday!!
(this is not a pic of mine...I grabbed this from the Accuquilt website)
Actually I ordered mine from a couple in Florida and she called me personally to talk to me and she was so helpful.  Just in case you're interested in a Go for yourself...give these people your order.   The Quilting Machine Shop  Great service!

I have it all unpacked and stacked up and I've even managed to cut some strips.  Amazing how it works!
So today I'm going to try to hurry and get my Violet top finished so I can play with my scraps.  Maybe I can make a dent in at least one of the scrap drawers.

And.....I know what next months pattern will be!

This crazy Kansas weather!!!  I thought Spring was supposed to be early this year.  :o(
Over night we have had another snow flurry and the forecast is calling for freezing drizzle today and rain tomorrow and thunderstorms tomorrow evening.  Sheesh!!
I'm going to ignore them!!  Maybe it won't happen.  
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  1. COOLIO! You are going to LOVE your Go cutter! Which dies did you get? Did your rep tell you about the tip of marking around the perimeter of each die with a sharpie? It really helps to place your fabric. Don't forget to check out the utube videos too. There are lots of them.

  2. Keep that snow up north! Have fun with your new toy.

  3. Uh Oh, a new diversion LOL. I would LOVE to have some plain ol' rain, send it my way but no freezing drizzle please :0)


  4. Wow, what an awesome new toy! Congratulations!


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