Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February is over and I'm still pondering the 'Violet' top.  

This is how far along I am right now and I'm not at all satisfied with the way it has gone together.  Or rather the way I sewed it together!    The bias edges got the better of me and I am going to have to take this apart and redo the white strips.
I don't know what I was thinking....but it sure wasn't about  sewing rules that's for sure.
Ok....it's bad!  But it really isn't as bad as it looks in this picture.  lol  I will keep working on it and get it finished (because I do like it) but for now I'm not going to stress about it and I'm moving onto the next color for March.
Check it out here.  

I know Spring is somewhere close because these babies are here and hungry.   The goldfinches arrived a few days ago and are feeding like crazy.  They've already cleaned up a lot of the cone flower heads and now that Don has bought some thistle seed for them they have moved to those feeders and swarming at the sunflower feeder.
Sorry about the very bad picture taken through my screened kitchen window   :o(

So maybe if I change my blog I can hurry Spring along a bit!
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  1. Sometimes I think white just shows the bias dips and valleys more. Do love it with those violets though!

  2. It looks lovely, I had to look really hard to see what you meant. It's a very pretty quilt.

  3. Darn those bias edges!!! I sure do love this quilt though.

    I keep straining to hear a robin sing but since you can't even see the ground yet, I guess it will be a while.....sigh.


  4. I don't think it looks bad at all. I would think about the quilting - and maybe that will totally change the look of it with out taking anything apart.

  5. I am learning that not every quilt has to be perfect technically. Rather that it needs to be perfect for the person who receives it. While the first thing the creator sees is the imperfections others especially non quilters do not. Take a deep breath, quilt it and it will give someone great joy

  6. PS to my last message if you quilt the sashing with a pattern that dominantly goes from the blocks to the edge you will find that the ripples are taken up by the quilting.... a lesson learned from experience.


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