Monday, January 31, 2011

So Ok I don't knit.  I crochet'.
  Well .... I used to know how to knit (not very well I might add) and I'm toying with the idea of getting back into it so I can try to make socks like I see so many gals doing these days.   So who am I kidding???
 I won't make socks....but I can make scarves.  All I need is one hook and a roll of yarn!  
A few simple stitches!    So how hard could it be to whip up a simple scarf huh?
     Well let me tell you about that roll of yarn over there.  It's kinda pretty pinks....soft....bumpy....should make a nice scarf.   I thought!
So I started casting on the other day and worked up about 10 inches in a double crochet'.  
It just didn't look right.
It was too bulky so I ripped it back and started over using a triple crochet'.
This time I had about 12" finished and I just didn't like the feel (still too thick & bulky) soooo I ripped it back out and rolled it up in this ball, set it aside and decided that yarn just won't work for me.

I went to my very meager small stash of yarns and pulled these two out and started casting on (again using the triple crochet' stitch) and this is much better.
I have no idea what yarn these are because I've long ago misplaced the wrapper.  I know the dark green is called an eyelash yarn and the variegated is a soft baby yarn.
I'm happy with the way this is turning out and I have another colorway I want to do next.

Here's another scarf I've made this month.

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  1. My daughter gave me all of the bumpy yarn, as she could not crochet with it. I've been having a ball knitting scarves with my yarn haul ;-)

  2. Dagnabit, I meant to comment on this post yesterday, even wrote myself a note so I would remember...but still forgot...sheesh

    Anyhoo, I once loved to crochet too and am surprised the bumpy stuff didn't work out. I love all your pretty soft scarves :0)


  3. Love your scarf. My daughter Crochets and I know what you mean about that yarn suddenly being too thick. (ok, the scarf.. you know what I mean :) ) Hmmm maybe larger hook... triple crochet or more?? is there more crochet numbers? yep, you guessed it. I don't crochet :) Great scarf, I know it is warm!

  4. I love the scarf. I also crochet, and knit a bit, but not very well.


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