Monday, January 10, 2011

Since I want to at least give a good try to make some of Judy L's Monochromatic quilts and since January's color is yellow .... and since I had very little yellow in my stash I had to order some.
The order came Friday and they are sooooo pretty and bright.
Don't you think so?
I'm not going to use the stripe in this quilt but I just couldn't pass up the chance to add it to the order.

These are the fabrics I've chosen to use.
And since this is also Monday I decided to slap some of the cut squares up on my wall so I can post it to Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times.

 I'll keep you guessing what block design I'm going to use.
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  1. Interesting! The good thing about Judy L's Monochromatic Challenge is that it lets you see the holes in your stash. My stash has a big hole where yellow family is concerned.

  2. Heyyyy don't be so quick to disregard the stripes. lately they have been popping up allll over the place in bindings and they really make the quilts pop! Just a thought" take care Linda

  3. The stripes will add another element of interest. Great fabric selection :)

  4. I really like your fabric choices. Are you making a full-sized quilt, a table runner or what? Whatever, it will be lovely!

  5. Kathy - I think you ought to use the stripe on the bias to be used as a binding. It will look dynomite!

  6. Ooooo pretty fabrics!! I have very little yellow in my stash too. I would be very tempted to use that stripe but would defeat the monochromatic rule LOL.


  7. Nice fabrics - can't wait to see your design!


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