Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here I go.....the start of a new day...
    a new week
         and a new Year!
I have made a list!
       Well actually I have several lists.
That's what I do best.
        Make lists.
              No resolutions.  Just lists.

  • A Cleaning list'... (I need to get back to Fly Lady's program.  I need to de-clutter big time again and get back to a regular routine) 
  • Then there's a To-Do list .... (for the big & little projects around the house that I need want to have done-- porch & drive repaired etc.)
  • I have a 'Stocking the Freezer' cooking list.... I like to spend a day or two making several different dishes that I can divide and stick in the freezer for those days that I just don't want to cook.  I think I better double those recipes since those "don't want to cook" days happen way more often it seems.  
  • a Grocery list... no explanation needed if I really cook everything on that freezer list.  
And NOW....the best lists of all.  My quilting lists.

  • Tops completed but still needing quilting to finish.  Goodness I have a lot of these!
  • Projects In-Progress needing finished (blocks are made or being made just haven't set them all together yet.
  • Want-To-Make projects in tubs waiting.  (Pattern and fabric together) 
  • And of course my 'Wish' list.... the longest list of all is the quilts that I want to make, have seen and saved the pattern to my computer file, haven't set aside the fabric yet, and probably will never live long enough to even make a dent in that list.  It's huge!!!  
So all of this list making has to be leading somewhere right?
Well it's all Judy's fault!  She's thrown out a few challenges and I've been thinking about them and finally decided to join the multitudes.
Last year I tried to bust some of my UFO's and didn't do a very good job.  Maybe I finished two at the most.  But .... last year wasn't the best of years around here BUT I'm not going to let it dissuade me from trying again this year.
Soooo I'll be listing 12 of my unfinished projects later and posting my link over on Patchwork Times.

And I want to join her Monochromatic Challenge.  This one really sounds like fun.
 The first color for Jan is YELLOW!
And of course that is NOT a color I have lots of.
Soooo an order has been placed and I've played in EQ7 so I have a plan and I'm anxious to get it started.  Once the fabric comes I'll show you the pattern.

So now this brings me to today.
My list says I want to rearrange the shelves in my frig.
So I'm off....BYE!!
Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Your lists sound just right and are similar to my plan. I am not joining Judy's challenges but do have a UFO plan. And I am also planning on doing more cooking this year (not something I am really excited about, yet. Good luck to both of us.

  2. Seems like the UFO issue is a common theme among everyone this year for goals! Me, too. If you don't have a lot of yellow...sounds like you'll need to go fabric shopping! :-)

  3. I'm so happy that I spent most of last year working on my UFOs. I have only one large project and 3 little ones left to do and I will be free to create new ones.

    I think I need to make a list of home owner things too but I'll worry about that come spring and will remind me right? LOL


  4. Oh I love lists!I am tackling the office closet today to reorganize. Love the Fly lady idea! Also thanks for the beautiful picture!!!!

  5. Oh, Linda, how you've done it! My interest is now piqued in this Monochromatic challenge.


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