Monday, January 3, 2011

Good morning!  It looks like it's Monday and that means it's Design Wall Monday over at Judy's blog.
I actually have something on my wall to show for the first time in a long time.
I told you about the Christmas throw I was making.
I did manage to get all the blocks finished and three rows set together.  Then I got a bit sidetracked with Rose Parade watching (can't miss it) and list making (using Cozi) and FarmVille farming (almost finished) and just plain diddling away my time.

I did get my frig shelves changed yesterday and I think I'll like the new arrangement better.  At least I hope I will.  Probably won't be able to find a thing.  LOL  

 If you want to see what others are quilting .... grab a cup and pop on over to Patchwork Times
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  1. Pipping is something I do often. This year I am going to limit the pipping so I can get more done. For every 4 hours I spend in the sewing room, I get an hour to piddle. LOL

  2. Glad you're starting the year off right...with a design wall post! :)
    This is a lovely quilt that you are working on.

  3. I am taking a hiatus from Farmville or I will never get any quilting done!!! LOL

  4. I really like your quilt too. Very pretty. My mother in law rearranged my shelves one day while I was at work. We had ants and she didn't know how to put the stuff back. I didn't change it back and it's been fun to try to find things.

  5. Gari - I would use the outer border fabric cut on the bias as the piping . . . anxious to see your decision!

  6. Oooo Beautiful quilt Linda!! I love quilts that have secondary patterns to them. It's wonderful to see a quilt on your blog again :0)


  7. Lovely Christmas throw quilt. Love that it's sort of a pastel quilt instead of traditional holiday coloring.


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