Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brrrrrrr  woke up this morning and my weather gadget told me it was -4 degrees out there!  But not to worry or fret....we're warming up!
The sun is shining now and the temp has gotten all the way up to a whoppin 3degrees.

The snow ended yesterday so hubby could get his toy out to play.  He so seldom gets to really enjoy using it.

Owww my poor bones hate cold weather!

Guess I'm going to spend today at my sewing machine.  At least there I'm out of the draft of the opening & closing doors and I always have the iron turned on and sitting right beside me and that helps keep me warmer.

Oh BTW....the dark fabric I showed yesterday.... Not using it!  Didn't work.
I'll show the blocks when I get a few more made today.
And.... since my other idea didn't work the way I wanted it .....yeah I think I'll use the stripe as the binding.  LOL
Stay tuned.  Because there is nothing set in stone about this quilt.
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  1. Here I thought I was going to be getting away from snow here in Seattle, but NO we had 4 inches last night. The good thing is it's raining and warming up, but what a slushy mess!! Also, I don't have to shovel it up, a BIG bonus.

    Isn't it fun to have a project that needs a little adjusting?


  2. OMG, that looks so frigid (but pretty), and just a perfect day for hibernating at home!


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