Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The borders are all on my Christmas quilt.  Now to just get it quilted and bound.  This is where I usually stop.  For some reason this is my least favorite part of making a quilt.  I don't mind the quilting and I do enjoy hand sewing the binding.
But dang!!  That prepping the quilt is just NOT fun!  And it doesn't matter if I pin baste or load on the frame.
I don't like this step!!!
(I'd capitalize that last sentence but yelling is rude)  :o)

Here's a little info on this pattern if you're interested.  It's from Hoffman Fabrics...their free pattern section and it's called Merry & Bright.  (Scroll down the list about half way)

Mine looks absolutely nothing like theirs!!  That's what's so cool about quilts.  100 quilters could make the same pattern and no two would be alike.

Sooooo now what should I make????  Hummmmm!!  
Maybe I should finish something.......Photobucket
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  1. Your quilt is wonderful!! I love the little sign, I should be hand quilting that NYB....But I don't want to LOL.


  2. I would agree ...always dread the basting process. I have way too many tops waiting to be quilted. I like your version much better than Hoffman's.

  3. I hate basting. That's why I want a longarm. I think I would rather load it on the frame. I think it's probably not a preferred task, because you want to get to the quilting. Sort of like how we hate washing the walls, sanding, filling holes, etc. before we paint a wall! That's the fun part--the painting!

  4. I don't mind loading a quilt on the frame but I dislike making the backing. I spent all afternoon making the backing for a king sized flannel quilt. Also, I have sent for the Red Snappers that are supposed to make loading the quilt even easier and faster, I hope.

  5. That turned out so pretty, Linda! I love the scrappiness of it. I have to force myself to make the backing after I'm done with the top. I don't mind quilting it, but it needs to somehow jump from top to all put together and ready to quilt.


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