Monday, May 18, 2009

What I've been working on.....

My homespun quilt.
I now have all the blocks together and I probably will square them up just a tad....
but in the meantime.... I started sticking them to my flannel doors just to see the layout I wanted to use.

I've settled on this one. It's a little bit complicated to lay out so I hope I can keep things straight as I sew them together. I sure don't want to be froggin' again.

I set the design up in EQ and the plan is to have 11 blocks x 13 rows. I'll probably sew about 4 rows together then put up the next four rows on the door so I can keep the rows straight.

Jim's quilt is off the frame and I'm in the process of hand sewing the binding now. I only sew on it while I watch tv at night. I'll get a pic when it's done.

Here's a little bit of sunshine for your day.....


  1. Design walls are one of the best quilting inventions. I would be so lost without mine. Do you pin the seam so you know where to sew, when you take it off the wall?


  2. Just a note to let you know I was here for a visit and enjoyed your slide show of finished quilts.


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