Thursday, May 7, 2009

My way.....

Sooooo as I've already posted..... I've been busy cutting and sewing strips together............. like this.
Sounds super easy. How hard can that be right?

Mindless sewing right? (two strips sewn together and add a square) No problem.
I could do that! Easy!!

So I did!

141 patches later..... when I started adding the longer strips to that very same patch that I'd just finished
................... something wasn't right!
I flipped the square patch around ........................ still not right!
Nothing I would do made it right!
No matter which way I flipped it..... just wasn't right!!
DUH!!! I had sewn the tw0-strip patch on the square the wrong way!
See the patch on the left........

It's wrong!!
The right one is right!

Well.... I did seriously think about just leaving them and calling the quilt 'My Way'.

But then I knew I would hate it forever if I didn't fix them. So I started froggin' those dang patches and resewing them the right way. 141!!!

Guess what I'll be doing today......


  1. Oh Linda!!! 141 of them!!! Well, at least you will be busy the rest of the day :0(


  2. How funny!!! Isn't it just awful being a perfectionist! Homespuns just aren't that easy to frog - so good luck!

  3. Sooooo glad to know I'm not the only one who does stuff like that, LOL! And, you know I'm laughing with ya....right?

  4. Oh, I feel for you, Linda. I am so practiced at frogging.


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