Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Block organizing....

After seeing my design wall ..... Crispy asked if I pinned so I would know which seam to sew.
I started to email her back and then decided.... maybe others would be interested in how I keep my blocks straight when I take them off the design wall (my doors).
First.....I always put a safety pin in the very top right block of the quilt and it stays there until the quilt top is finished.
That always tells me which way is up. heehee

I sew one row at a time and as I remove the blocks from the design wall I start with the right side of each row.... and start stacking the blocks on top of each other until I get all the blocks in that row added to the pile.
I'll put a flower pin in the top left corner of each block (keeping them in order in the pile).
Then I can square each block if needed without worrying about getting the block twisted around. As I sew the blocks together (I chain sew the row) I will remove the pin from the right (not the left) block(s)..... always leaving the pin in the far left block.
When the whole row is sewn I wind up with just the one pin in the far left block and I leave it in until I have one row sewn to the next.
Remember I can tell which end is up by the safety pin. (smile)

And that my friends is the way I sew.

Now wasn't that enjoyable? hahaha

Here's something that might tickle you...... busy little bee isn't he?


  1. Thanks for posting the information Linda, it's fun to see how others sew. I could have used this when I tried chain piecing...I got it all backwards and had to rip it apart LOL.

    PS-I tried posting this before and IE said it couldn't display the page. If this is a duplicate, just delete one LOL.

  2. It is always good to hear how other people keep their blocks organized. Thanks for sharing!


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