Friday, May 15, 2009

My kitchen window.....

Yesterday I was at my kitchen sink and as I looked out the window I saw a beautiful Oriole on the feeder table. They are rather skittery birds and don't stick around for long. I ran for the camera to try to get pics.
Not very successful but here he is sitting on top of the pole. This is the only pic that turned out to even resemble the bird. Sorry it's of his backside. And taking pictures through a window screen doesn't make for the best outcome.

And then later in the day I captured these Brown Thrashers as they were bossing all the other birds on the table. The blur you can see just left of the pole is one of them chasing off a smaller bird. Greedy little things aren't they?
And far left is a morning dove just coming in to land.

I could sit and watch the birds for hours. Especially during the migrations. I have a bird book that I mark different species that have stopped at our feeders and when they have been here.
And I'm especially happy when I know a pair is nesting in our yard.

I wonder if these Thrashers are going to nest close. I hope so. They love underbrush and boy we certainly have that.

Yesterday I did get a few (about 1/2) of the homespun blocks sewn together. I still haven't finished quilting Jim's quilt (sidetracked again) but I do plan to get it done today and that binding sewn on. However I did NOT write that in stone and I am always able to change my plans at the drop of a hat. heehee

I've also been designing Trent's quilt. Well at least I've been bookmarking sites that I can use for the applique'. I know what I'm going to do now .... it's just getting the patterns all sized and finding just the right fabrics. This one may take awhile. But I've got plenty of time.

You all have a GREAT day today.....

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  1. Thanks for the pictures! Can't wait to see them for myself in a couple of weeks.


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