Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy day.....

We sure crammed a lot into yesterday. We both had Doctor appointments yesterday morning and Don had a few tests that needed to be run. Our Doc got him scheduled in right away so we didn't have to drive back another time. We live 50 miles from our Dr so this was very nice. He gave him sample meds to start him off (that's always a big help)

Went for breakfast after all the tests.... then on to Kearney for some major shopping. I had a two page list that just needed to be bought. Found everything on my list so that was good. Usually I have one or two items that I can't find. Used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby for a new 18x24 cutting mat. I plan to have Don glue it to a board that has a handle cut out of it so I can just grab it and go to guild sewing days.

All shopping done and we were headed back home by 3:00pm.
I repackaged about half of the meat I bought and the rest I'll do today. Now our freezer is stocked again and that's a good feeling. It had been so long since I'd done a major meat purchase so it become much harder to make decisions for meals.

I threw a pizza in the oven and then headed for quilt guild meeting. I knew I wasn't going to stay long so I didn't pack and take my machine. The girls were going to work on a paper-piecing project that one of the girls had put together as a mini class. We have several girls that are new quilters so this hopefully will help them.
I left early after the business meeting and was more than ready to call it a day. My back was screaming at me.

Today I'll go work on the books then get back to my quilting. I still have to get Jim's quilt off the frame. (I got a bit sidetracked the other day) And I'm ready to get back to sewing more of the homespun blocks.

Have a great day all......
It's cloudy and windy here......


  1. Geez, Linda...I got tired just reading that, LOL!

  2. Love that you used a 4o% off at Hobby Lobby!!! You learned a few tricks from your daughter:)

  3. Whew, you were a busy lady!! I would have just skipped the guild meeting and sat down for a few minutes to catch my breath LOL.



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