Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I'm reading...

My Amazon order came the other day and I've been spending my time just dreaming.
I've always loved the Storm at Sea block and this book is full of great ideas. I'll be starting one of these very soon.
Just as soon as I narrow down the colors I want to use for sure.

I'm thinking I may use black/white and make my DH his quilt.
Or I may do his black/white in one of the braid patterns.
Oh decisions .... decisions.

I do know it will be a mighty long time before I tackle a spiral quilt. OMGosh! There are some fantastic quilts in that book...but my! They do look very complicated.

And the Elm Creek Quilts project will be really good to take in the camper whenever we go. I wouldn't have to take a huge amount of fabric (FQ's will work well) and yet each block would be just enough to do in a short amount of time. Which is ideal for the camper.

I have been playing with some of my flower pics and have this one to share.
When I want to really get in there and do lots of editing I will open Photoshop. But when I just want to quickly edit my pics I use Picasa. Like this columbine picture that I quickly edited by using a focal black/white.

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  1. Oooo lovely books. I'm still on the fence over the Elm Creek book. At one time I had all the blocks downloaded from her site then tossed them. I'll probably get it eventually LOL.


  2. The books sound wonderful. I bought three on vacation - retirement planning you know! The flower pic is lovely as usual! You have quite the knack for those flowers!

  3. You really are a great photographer, Linda. How nice to have new quilting books to drool over and make plans for more quilts.


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