Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jim's quilt finished....

Here is the final picture of Jim's quilt - finished.
He is a die hard KC Chiefs fan so he will LOVE this *blanket*. heehee
(He has been whining since Christmas about "when was he going to get a blanket?")

Now I know that many many quilters put backings on quilts that are pieced. I've seen some really nice pieced backs.
However...I've never done that before but ....
I decided to try doing a pieced back and put it on Jim's quilt.

Here is the "back" of his quilt......

Look familiar?
Yes. It's the one I showed you a few weeks ago when the borders were on.

Even tho Jim loves the Chiefs.... the colors just don't *fit* with the color scheme of the TV room where this quilt will be used.

Soooo ..... when it's being used the red & yellow Chiefs side will be out so Jim can enjoy it.
But when it's folded and laid nicely on the chair.... the *back* will be showing.
Fitting in very nicely with the room.
Everyone is pleased!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
We spent a quiet day out on the patio and walking through the back yard pulling a few out-of-place plants.
Watched the birds and enjoyed the patio.
Happy thoughts!


  1. First off...i didnt know you were doing chiefs...he is going to LOVE IT! and second of all..u are such a genious to think of folding it so it fits in the color scheme for mom...aww its absolutely wonderful.

  2. I hate to say it Linda, but I like the back more than the front....don't tell your hubby that LOL.


  3. The quilt is very pretty, Linda, and perfect for Jim, since he is a Chiefs fan.


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