Thursday, April 23, 2009

This months Pizza box....

Today I decided I wanted to work on our guilds pizza box project.
I have Lee's blocks this month and she's picked out a paper-pieced stained glass crazy quilt. Isn't that cute?
But she's decided she wants to make a large quilt instead of the wall hanging so she'll need quite a few blocks. She told us we could make as many as we wanted so I did two today. I may (if I get around to it) make her one more since I really enjoy paper-piecing.

Here are the two I have finished. I'm having a real hard time not squaring it up and cutting off the edges.
I want it to look neat! hahaha
But we're all going to leave that to the original person to do when she sets the blocks together. So even tho it's edges are raggy I still want to show them off.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning up my computer. My Bookmarks had gotten completely out of hand. I didn't even know what all I had saved and I couldn't find some things if I wanted too.
Sooooo I started dumping!! (some sites I'd saved three times. Guess I really liked them) And reorganizing and renaming files to make more sense. And moving things from one file to another. At least now I think I can find things (maybe) I could probably still spend another day making sure all the links are working.... but I got tired of it yesterday so I quit for the day.


  1. Messy but very cool looking blocks LOL. There is so much great information on the internet, it's hard not to save so much stuff. I finally printed off some of the tutorials and deleted the links.


  2. Love the blocks - can I send you a pizza box?? LOL!!

  3. I like those blocks! That will be a striking quilt!

  4. I organized my bookmarks recently as well...WEIRD! haha.


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