Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rail blocks finished.....

I've got all of the blocks set together so I thought I'd give you a peek. Today I'm going to start on the borders.
This should work huh Deb?

Saturday our guild is having a get together to sew a border print project. I've signed up and plan to do a table topper. I have a fall fabric that I bought several months ago just because I liked it. Didn't have a plan for it at the time (I do that a lot) and I have just enough to do this class. I'll head over about 8:30 to set up and one of the gals is making soup for lunch and the rest of us are to bring anything we want to go with it. Sounds yummy.
We should be finished around 3:00.
Should be a fun day for sure.


  1. Oh I really love the setting you chose for the rail fence blocks. It's so much more appealing than the standard type layout. Oh, that gives me an idea for my blog.....I'm always looking for stuff to post, I lead a pretty boring life LOL.

    What are you planning for the border, or did you mention that already in your last memory is horrible.

    Off to read the last posting LOL.


  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm jealous of your fun guild, my guild has gotten so boring, business, a few show n tells and eat.


  3. I like your lay out for your rail fence. Crispy mentioned it on her page and I had to come and look -

  4. I love Jim's quilt. Dan did too so that is a go from the male side of our family! Have fun at your get together - those are always fun

  5. Ohh laa laa, it's coming together:)

  6. I really like that, Linda. It's such a nice variation from the rail fence.


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