Saturday, April 25, 2009


Brrrrrr. Our weather has turned cold again.
Well....maybe not cold.... but sure chilly! Cloudy. Forecast for rain.
I had to turn the heat back on. So far this week I've turn OFF the heat.... turned ON the air conditioner.... turned OFF the air.... and now turned ON the heat again.
Yep! I'd say it's spring in Kansas. LOL

So what better to do on a spring day in Kansas than snuggle under my quilt and take a nap after lunch. It was hard to fully wake up though. I was so toasty warm under my quilt.
Here it is..... the four-patch-posie quilt after I had it bound. I don't think I showed this completed.

This morning we went out to the farm where we have the camper stored for the winter. We needed to move it so the boat behind us could get out. It won't be too long before we pull it home so we can load it for the summer. I'm not sure what we'll do or where we'll go yet.... but we'll go somewhere. Probably just up to the lake for starters.

So that means I need to get sereous and start thinking of what sewing projects I want to take with me. I always like to have something I can do by hand. I still have the black-work baskets to work on so that will keep me occupied for awhile. And I take my machine too so I could do any number of things. I always take way more than enough to keep me busy. Thank goodness we have a big camper. hahaha

Have a great weekend


  1. Your weather sounds like ours....possible snow again tomorrow YUCK. I love you quilt, I wish I could see it in person, I don't think the picture is doing it justice.


  2. Your weather sounds like spring here. Glorious one day and real chilly the next.

    I agree, that picture doesn't do that quilt justice. I can't remember if it was just the top or if it was finished when I saw it. You'll have to enlighten me, Linda.

  3. Donna, I think I showed part of it on the frame last.
    Still more yucky weather for at least the next three days.


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