Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm open to suggestions please.....

I finally finished the last block and have my top set together. Last night I played in EQ and have now completely confused myself about what I want to do about the borders. :(

I thought I knew what I wanted to do....
but now.....
Well, I may have to let this quilt stew a bit longer.

I do this all the time!! Sheesh!!

Here's the top so far....
At least one decision that I've made is....I want to have this one quilted by a good longarm quilter..... (which means I have to send it to someone somewhere).
First.... because I don't have the space with my frame to do what I want done.
And second.... I don't have the talent to do what I want done.

That's the biggest reason that I'm changing my mind about the borders. I've just always made simple borders on all the quilts I've done before so I could quilt them myself..... but if I send this one out then I can add borders to show off nice quilting.
At least this morning that's the way I'm leaning.
In fact ..... I'm even thinking I may go ahead and do some border applique'. (did I really say that?)
Since it has taken me at least two years to get these blocks done..... what the heck..... what's another year or two?

What would you do?

Here are a few of the idea's I'm toying with....


  1. I like them in the order you have them

  2. Any of the appliqued borders would look beautiful!

  3. It might take longer, but I don't think you'll regret.

    I think option number 1 is STUNNING.

    And I know a longarmer or two that might help you out. VBG

  4. My vote is for #1 also, however, your other examples don't have the current diamond border included so it's kinda hard to tell what would be best. Number 1 gives it such a fancy completed look and also makes you notice the border as well as the quilt it's self.


  5. I absolutely love the first scalloped border you have there. To me, there is no question...that HAS to be the one. And for what it's worth...I rarely feel that strongly about something. And to be really honest, I wasn't completely sold on your sashing until I saw it with that scalloped border. It looked nice, but I wasn't sure it was THE border for this quilt. But WOW, it looks awesome with that border!

    Well, I guess you know my opinion now, LOL!

  6. Your quilt is stunning.....for my choice I like upper right the best. I like the fact that the stars are finished and with that scalloped border....very yummy.

    Karen L

  7. The first one for me as well. Talk about WOW!! I have a fantastic Longarm QUilter but I am not sure you want to send it so far away! I could actually see it in person that way!!
    Great job Linda!

  8. Well, I didn't see this yesterday, and now I think you have already decided, but for what it's worth (absolutely nothing), I like them all, but especially the top right one. The blocks are just stunning!


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