Friday, April 10, 2009

4 patch posie...

I finally got around to getting one of my UFO's put on my frame and I've been working on it the last several days.
Slowly getting the quilting done.
I've used a very simple panto called Mini-Ocean. So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. My Juki loves this combination! And I'm using my new favorite batting Quilters Dream Green.

I made this last summer and it's been sitting on the growing pile of UFO's for long enough. I decided it was time to replace the throw I use in my chair when I'm watching tv and get this one done.

I call this my faux One-Block-Wonder. The pattern calls for sashing around all of the 4-patch blocks but I didn't want to do that so...... I copied the OBW style and this is the final product of doing it my way.

This is the fabric I used to make the blocks. It always amazes me how they come out all looking soooo different when this technique is used.

I only have about three more passes to do then I'll get the binding sewn on and it'll be one I can mark off.


  1. Hooray for working on getting a UFO out of the way!!! It really is amazing that the quilt was made from that piece of fabric...very cool.


  2. I can identify with your NOT wanting to do that skinny little borders. I am in the process of assembling mine together this weekend and those darned things are going to drive me to drink---or did when I had to actually add them to the blocks. I've got 64 blocks to deal with so you can see can feel my pain, LOL. I am thinking about a narrow phlange around the outside for that skinny first border at this point.

  3. That's looking great, Linda. It's always a thrill to get a UFO done.


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