Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guild Border Class.....

Yesterday we had eight of us from our guild that took part in the class.
This was the second time this gal has given the class for our guild... so we were all the leftovers that had not taken the first one.
It was sure fun .... but oh my.... certainly had to use our brains and mark-mark-mark every piece... and then pin-pin-pin each seam to match. (Ummmm I usually don't sew like that) but I did as the teacher told me.

I've decided that I'm going to frog and redo a couple of my seams. I'm just not satisfied with them and I don't like the way my seams are laying on the back.
She wouldn't let us press as we worked. And that is just not the way I like to make my blocks. But because the outside is all bias she said it would warp and wave. She's right of course.....but still..... yucky seams!! :)

It took me all morning to wrap my brain around this technique..... but after lunch it finally clicked. I felt like I finally understood it!!
She didn't have a pattern to follow because she said that wouldn't help us because we all had to figure out our own blocks based on our fabric. Criminy!!
It is, however, based on the Hidden Wells pattern.

Every one of us had a different border print to start with. So we started out by analyzing each piece of fabric to find the exact repeat and the size of the blocks we would be making with our individual prints. We all wound up with different sized blocks that ranged from the smallest (7.5") to the largest (21").

We had a very nice lunch. Our guild president made a veg soup (very good) and the rest of us brought various desserts and a couple of cheese & crackers. Just perfect.
The day seemed to fly by and before I knew it..... Don had come to pick me up. It was 3:00pm and class was over. Bummer!!

Here are pics of each of our groupings we finished.
This one is mine.

And these are all the rest. One of the gals (Lee) is a speed demon and she managed to get four of hers put together (bottom right). You can see the pattern starting to emerge.

Cool huh?

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  1. Wow a very cool technique and the results are stunning!! I don't agree about not pressing though, if you "press" with a "dry" iron, you will not distort your bias edges. I do this all the time while hand piecing, steam doesn't get used at all, unless I really have to.



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