Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Border runner finished...

I've finished the runner this afternoon. I'm not going to add a border to it since it's plenty wide enough for the buffet already.
Here it is laying on the floor in front of the buffet I'm talking about. I made it long enough to hang over each end and I'm going to pick up a couple of gold tassels for the ends whenever I get to Hobby Lobby. Which may be awhile.

I've enjoyed learning how to make this.... but I'm pretty sure I would NOT want to make a big quilt with this pattern. Way to much matching and pining and fussing around.


  1. Linda
    How pretty. Very elegant looking! The gold tassels will be a perfectfinishing touch. It looks very labor intensive so I agree with you about a full size quilt with this method! Good job!

  2. Very very pretty Linda. All your pinning and matching and fussing really paid off LOL.


  3. That looks so pretty, Linda. It will look lovely on the buffet.


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