Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guild donation quilt...

This is what I've been working on for days now. Our guild will be donating this quilt to our local Hospice auction they hold every year. One of the ladies in our guild bought the fabric and we had a sew night at our guild meeting where we set the strips into blocks.
The fabric that was chosen is just beautiful.... but the Rail Fence pattern just didn't show nicely and the quilt was looking a bit blah after she had the top layed out. So the gal that was setting the blocks together brought it over and I EQed it and we made the decision to use pink sashing to set each block apart. That worked! It's now very pretty and soft and very much worthy to be a Hospice quilt.

I'm now in the process of quilting it. And OMGosh it is big! It's just about all that my poor frame can handle. I don't usually do Queen size quilts so I'm a bit intimidated by it's size.

However....after a few sleepless nights of pondering what in the world I'd gotten myself into.... I decided to Keep It Simple!
I'm doing a beadboard outer border and a meander in each block. I'm also SID the sashing. I'll have to take it off the frame and turn it to do the side borders.... but that should be easy enough. I've never done it I'm hoping I have it figured out.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. that quilt is very pretty!!! i like the roses!

  2. You made a good decision to add the pick it really set off the blocks. I can't wait to see your magic quilting. I have never seen one yet that you didn't add the WOW when you quilted it.


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