Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been playing...

Last year I bought these cute little mini wall hanging kits (12 month BOM).
The patterns are from Patch Abilities and the kits were put together and sold through Quilters Delight in Holdrege. Each month's design is just soooo cute and when I saw them I just HAD to have them.
I brought them home and that's as far as I got with them. Sheesh!!
I've had them sitting in one of my drawers all this time.... so yesterday I decided to get started on one of them. They measure 6" x 21".
I figure it will qualify for one of my UFO's completed this month. I did a blanket stitch machine applique' using black thread. So easy!!
I'll probably do a few more while I'm in the mood.


  1. Oh, Linda, that is so cute! I got a pattern for a hollyhock wallhanging that would be about that same size. I'll look forward to seeing what else you make.


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