Friday, February 20, 2009

Here's my choice....

And it looks like this is the one most of you also picked. We have good taste huh? heehee It's about 15" square. I'll probably get it quilted and the binding on today.
Remember those scraps I've been cutting up? I pulled out my 1.5" squares and set them in the border for this.
Ok I did have to cut the white squares....but it was sure nice to have all these assorted scraps to just pull out and sew. This little piece has sure made a believer out of me. I am much more inclined to finish trimming up my scraps now that I know how handy it is to have pre-cut squares.
Thanks for your opinions everyone. Jacquie it looks like you and Don are two of a kind. LOL


  1. good morning - I meandered around your blog this morning and really enjoyed it. I sew and scrapbook too - digital only recently. thanks for sharing

  2. Being with Don is good company so I consider that a compliment! After seeing what you did with it I agree #4 was a great choice! Love those scraps!!

  3. Wow, Linda, that looks great! I love what you did for the border. We now have another scrap convert! You did a terrific job. I'm betting yours will be the best in your guild - of course you got such good advice... teehee


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