Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whew!! I'm finished!

The monster is done and out the door. I finished quilting on the donation quilt just after lunch. It was all my poor little frame could handle and certainly all that I wanted to do.
I had to take it off to do the borders on each side since I just didn't have enough space to do the bead board border all in one swipe.
4 times on and 4 times off! That's sure enough for me.
Here is a pic of just one corner of the quilt. It is so big (90 X 103) that I wouldn't have anywhere to hang it to show anyway.... so this will have to do. (I forgot to get a pic of the back) :(

I did a freehand meander in each block and ditched the pink sashing and used a ruler for the bead board.
It seemed like evey time I turned around I was replacing the bobbin. I was surprised how many it took. I counted 6 empty Bottom Line pre-wounds.

I'm very glad it is done. Now I can concentrate on my own stuff.
Hummmmm???? What to do.....what to do????


  1. Beautiful Linda! Such an accomplishment!

  2. Yeah! You did it. You know how much I love roses so someone is very Lucky. Deb

  3. I was thinkin what mom said...the person who gets it is very lucky..ohh and quilting language sounds like japanese haha.

  4. Linda, the quilt is just beautiful! You did a marvelous job with the quilting.


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