Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Which would you call this?

or Thrifty?

Yesterday morning started out just like any other normal day.
D made his regularly scheduled trip to the grocery store to pick up the usual milk and bread etc that we always seem to need.
I spent a couple of hours in my sewing room as usual.
Keep in mind that, by now Valentines Day had come and gone without incident or fanfare .... pretty much just like any other day around here.
No big deal.

Then along came lunch time yesterday.
By this time Don had already made it back home and had put away the needed groceries.

I walked into the kitchen to fix lunch......
and saw this....
sitting on the table......

OMGosh!! I laughed so hard I cried.

Check out the price!!

Yep!! That's my guy!!!


  1. aww thats funny and cute...i love & miss that grandpa of mine haha:)

  2. Ha! I'd say undeniably thrifty in a endearingly romantic sort of way!

  3. Too funny - I needed a good laugh tonight! Good job Don!

  4. Ah, yes....I think I married his brother!


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