Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sashing plan...

The last few days I've been cutting and sewing the sashings and squaring up all the blocks for "Dee's" Baltimore.
I designed the quilt layout in EQ6.
When I was ready to cut the sashing I started with the star points and cut all of them out by using the printed templete.
Then I did the same thing with the muslim strips and then sewed the points on.
The sashing measures 3.5" x 12.5".
It took me a day and a half just to get them finished.
If I knew then what I know now I would have used my Tri-Rec ruler for the points. But I was too far into it before I thought of them. And since I'd already cut my red I didn't want to waste it. But I do think I made things a lot harder doing it the way I did.
Oh and learn.

I thought I had all of the applique' blocks finished.
When I was ironing and squaring up..... I was missing one.
I still have the last one in my sewing basket. Waiting!
I had layed it aside and completly forgot to finish it.
So ..... looks like I'm going to have some handwork for awhile as I watch tv at night.

Here's a sneek peek at just two of the blocks on my design wall.
I've laid out all the blocks on my floor and OMGosh it is going to be sooooo pretty.
Thanks again Dee for the patterns.

Quilting this baby will be a whole 'nother story......
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  1. Hi Linda, I was reading the blogs on Quilter and your Baltimores caught my eye. Your sneak peek of your blocks is wonderful. Don't you just love EQ6? I couldn't do a thing without it. I have to put you on my blog list so I can keep track of your Baltimore Progress.

    I enjoyed your quilt slide show also.


  2. oh, you are a better woman than i. i love the look of that sashing design, but can never wrap my brain around actually doing that work. i'm not that good a piecer....

    can't wait to see your progress!

  3. Beautiful! I can't wait to see more. Your sashing is fantastic.

  4. Linda, your quilt will be wonderful. I keep pulling my blocks out and wanting to finish the quilt, but can never decide on sashing. Your idea is fantastic.

  5. Hey you! You are most very welcome for the patterns. I've seen your block in person and you already know that I think they are fabulous. I hope I get a chance to see your finished quilt in person someday too. I love that sashing's a wonderful counterpoint to the appliqued squares. I'll be watching your progress with interest and anticipation!


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