Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunshine Thursday...

Goodness .... It seems like it's been cloudy and yucky for ages and ages. But the sun came out yesterday and that always lifts my spirit. Maybe now I can concentrate on getting some sewing done for a change. I've been a real slug lately.
And .... I can feel one more grip coming on this morning ..... I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!
There!! I got that out of my system!!!
(Nothing I dislike more than a negative - gripey - gritchy - growly - complaining all the time - person).
So.... I'm over that and moving on to more pleasant things to talk about.
This is me now putting on my happy face. hahaha

What are they doing here?????
The gold finches are here way to early. They usually don't come in for at least another month for their spring massing. I've been seeing several over the last couple of weeks and thought that was unusual.
But now .... they're here in mass!
Each spring they will come to our feeders and stick around and eat us out of house and home for several weeks while they prepare for mating and get their color. I love watching them gradually change from the drab quiet winter color into the bright flashy yellow.
I took this pic thru my kitchen window (screen and all) so it's not the best... but I wanted to catch as many birds as I could. And this wasn't even the most of them. More came in to feed even after I had taken the pic.
We also have three thistle feeders hanging just past the right side of this picture (out of sight) and the birds were all over them too.
I guess our spring must be closer than normal this year.
How nature knows that is amazing huh?


  1. I'm sure you're glad spring is on the way. I always am. It's always thrilling to me to see the bulbs pushing up through the ground, and I've been seeing a few. Of course, along with the spring flowers come weeds, but I won't think about those much until it's a bit warmer.

    I hope you get to feeling better quickly.

  2. I hope Spring is indeed on the way but I have some doubts! These poor little guys must not have checked the calendar. If they were here they would know for sure!

  3. oh my gosh your layout is sooo cute!!! i love it!!!!


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