Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back home again.....

A successful house-hunting trip to Joplin with D & J. They found one they liked and made an offer. The people accepted and everyone is tickled.
LOVE the house. It's big enough that lots of family can go visit at the same time.
They can't take possession until March so we'll be going back down then to help paint and unpack and organize etc. It's become quite a tradition. heehee

This has been a really good week.
The 'greats' came to our motel a couple of evenings and swam in the pool. We all got to spend quit a bit of time together. It was so fun to be all together again so soon after Christmas. I'll be scrapping some new pictures from this trip....but for now..... I'll just have to leave you with these happy faces.


  1. Great news tht Deb found a house. I am glad you got to spend more time with the Greats. It sounds like that might happen more often soon!

  2. The kids are so cute, Linda. Welcome back, and so nice that Deb and hubby will be a few hours closer to you now.


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