Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2nd baby quilt

I almost had the 2nd quilt finished for guild meeting Monday night. All I needed to finish was the binding. Well....time ran out and I still need to get that binding on.
Thank goodness there is always tomorrow. :)
I did get the first one turned in. The hospital nursery will be well stocked now for awhile. We'll do another round of donations mid-year.

Back to the 2nd baby quilt..... I made this from a pattern one of the ladies from guild showed us a couple of years ago. It's a quilt as you go type.... but without batting. Using all flannel and sewing (and flipping) both the front and the back at the same time so when you get all the pieces sewn.... the quilt is done.
It's a really cool pattern. I did add one more round than the pattern calls for because I think originally it's just a bit too small to really wrap a baby up good and comfy. This one finished to about 39" X 43". Just right!

I also decided to make mine reversible. Most of the gals make theirs the same fabric font and back....but I just had to be different.
Truth was....I only had one yard of each flannel pattern and I didn't want to run out.

The pattern calls for 5" strips cut wof. I cut 4 strips out of each of the three different flannels that I used for each side. I still have to get the binding cut. I'm going to be doing it scrappy and using all the leftover pieces from the quilt.
Yep.... tomorrow I'll be doing the binding. Then it gets to go on my finished list. WooHoo!

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  1. WHat a wonderful thing for your guild to do. I don't think any hospital in our area does this. I love your donations!


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